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In Support of LGBTQ+ Foster & Adoptive Families

Yesterday, an anti-LGBTQ federal funding bill for the Department of Health and Human Services passed out of committee. The bill included an amendment that would allow child welfare agencies that receive federal funding to discriminate against prospective foster and adoptive parents based on the agency’s religious beliefs. We feel a responsibility to speak up on behalf of children in foster care and the families who care for them.

Amara stands in support of LGBTQ individuals and their ability to parent children in a healthy, loving, and nurturing home environment. Amara believes that ensuring a diverse pool of foster families is in the best interest of children in foster care and we were one of the first organizations in the country to work with LGBTQ couples and individuals. There is a critical need for families for children in care. In Washington State, for example, we have close to 9,000 of our children in foster care – and approximately 6,000 foster homes. It is an injustice to children who need homes to turn away loving and supportive individuals who are willing to provide safety and security to a vulnerable child.

As an open and affirming foster care organization, we are proud to work with all families inclusive of sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, race, and religion. We are honored to include LGBTQ families among the hundreds of dedicated Amara foster and adoptive families who provide loving homes to children who need them.


If you’re interested in learning about becoming a foster parent or volunteering with kids in foster care, we’d love to connect with you!

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