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Amara’s Pierce County Director Named Champion for Children!

Each year, Project Child Success identifies and celebrates people in Pierce County who have made a significant impact in the lives of children and families.

Maureen Sorenson (left) and Sally Mednansky – 2018 Champions for Children

Last month, we were honored to have our Pierce County Director Maureen Sorenson selected as Champion for Children in 2018! We are so proud of Maureen’s commitment to children over the years and are delighted to see her hard work recognized by this wonderful community organization.

As Pierce County Engagement Specialist, Caroline Brandau says: “It is impossible to lose sight of the bigger pictures working alongside Maureen. In every program, every decision, and every conversation Maureen brings us back to how our actions will affect children in foster care. She has fought and will continue to fight to make a better community and support system for children in our community.”

Congratulations, Maureen! 

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