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Grayson’s Story: A Foster Family and Birth Family Come Together

“Our situation is unique,” says Jonathan Biron, referring to the close relationship he and his family have with their son Grayson’s biological family. “But it doesn’t have to be.”

We are so inspired by the relationship the Biron Family has with Grayon’s mom Laura, his Uncle Rob, and other members of his birth family which goes far beyond the annual letters that have become the hallmark of open adoption in the past. These two families have become closely connected – much like a large extended family.

We recognize that such an intimate level of connection is not right for every situation. Safety sometimes requires that children not be in contact with certain members of their biological family. Safety and what’s best for the child are always of primary importance.

Still, the Biron’s story reminds us that family is much bigger than a biological mother or father. Uncles, aunties, grandparents, cousins and siblings are all essential members of a child’s family who are pivotal components of the child’s story and help create a sense of belonging and identity.

These relationships can be challenging sometimes. They can feel messy and awkward – especially in the beginning. But with patience and dedication, these relationships can flourish and, as we see with the Birons, they also have the potential to be a powerful source of support and community for everyone involved.

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