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Appreciating Social Workers!

by Nicole Mazen, Director of Foster Care Services

The Foster Care Team would like to thank all of the social workers here at Amara and our partner organizations (including DCYF – Department of Children, Youth and Families, our fellow child placing agencies, CASA) as well as independent therapists and others who work tirelessly to support children and those who love them. We are a team of social workers, supported and surrounded by social workers, and working closely with other social workers.

As part of Amara’s Foster Care team we have a front seat view of the daily work people put in to ensure that children are being well cared for and enabled to thrive.

We celebrate the work of social workers across this country and acknowledge that there continues to be a great deal of work to be done – from systemic national oppression to the systemic oppression that can occur within a household.

The National Association of Social Workers shared the following theme for this year’s Social Worker Appreciation Month: Elevate, encouraging us all to see the issues and needs that must be elevated. We must do this within our own work on a daily basis – and this must be an action not only an intention!

Please join us in celebrating the work of social workers and in committing to action in our work.


The featured images above are a few of our amazing Foster Care Specialists here at Amara!



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