Sanctuary Stories: I'm here when you feel safe... - Amara

Sanctuary Stories: I’m here when you feel safe…

by Amara Emergency Sanctuary Staff

Recently at our Emergency Sanctuary we cared for a bright, active girl who was slow to warm up to new people.

One afternoon a new volunteer came in and, at first, this child found several places throughout the house to hide. Our volunteer patiently gave her some space, telling her jokes from a few feet away to make her smile and letting her know she was ready to play when the girl was feeling safe.

It didn’t take long for the pair to transition to a game of Hide-and-Seek and soon our guest and volunteer were playing dress up, doing hair, and practicing gymnastics. We heard this child say to the volunteer, “You’re my new best friend!”

Meeting so many new adults can be tough for kids at the Sanctuary and we are grateful for our volunteers’ ability to show patience and warmth with the kids in our care, finding creative ways to support each child’s needs.

Will you join us a volunteer to help support the needs of children entering foster care? 

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