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Want to be a Foster Parent? Updates During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Updated 11/19/2020

We know these are stressful times for everyone and we are endlessly grateful for people like you who continue to seek out ways to support children in foster care. Amara foster care specialists are working harder than ever to make sure our foster parents and the children for whom they’re caring are supported through these challenging times. In response to the current impacts of COVID-19, while we are prioritizing our focus on the needs of our current families and the children placed with them, we continue to accept new family applications.

The challenging truth is that children continue to enter foster care and they will continue to need the high-quality, loving care Amara families offer, long after this crisis abates. There are things you can do now to prepare to become a foster parent and support Amara:

  • Attend AIM (Amara Information Meeting) online. Click here to register for an upcoming meeting.
  • Complete Caregiver Core Training online. Click here to register and get started today!  Please note that for couples, Amara requires both partners to complete CCT and have a certificate with your name. This means that each person must make their own unique login and go through CCT individually. 
  • Check out Fostering Family to find ways to support foster parents in your community
  • Be a social media ambassador. Share Amara’s Facebook and Instagram posts with your community and encourage those you know to get involved too!

We appreciate your support and understanding while we all navigate this time.

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