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Why the Census Matters for Adoptees and Their Birth Families

Did you know that Confidential Intermediaries who help adoptees and birth families search and reunite with each other use USA census information? This critical list of demographic and household information is released for use in searches every 10 years and provides needed details on individuals and households that support successful searches. It is imperative that the census is completed by each household as it is a record held for future reference that we know will always be available.

Social media is a great tool to search for birth families, but as platforms change so does the ability to trace historical information. The census has been a long-held American tradition that started in 1790 and while not all of them include the same level of details, historical censuses can be rich in information. Current successful searches rely on past censuses to help find adoptees born as far back as the 1940’s.

Please take action and complete your census. It could help someone find their birth family!

You can complete your census online, by phone or mail. See how and please make sure to have it done by September 30th!

If you are interested in an adoptee or birth family search, please contact Rena Konomis, Amara’s Confidential Intermediary.

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