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Dear Foster Parents on Halloween 2020…

We want to thank all foster parents for everything you’re doing for kids in foster care. Some of you are caring for kids right now, some of you are supporting others by offering tutoring or care, some are taking a break after helping kids transition back home, and some of you are determining who to welcome into your home.

There’s a LOT going on, and we imagine that like us, you’re starting to get some pandemic fatigue. We know that as the nights get longer and our weather gets wetter and colder that we’ll all be spending even more time inside. We also know that the fall and winter months are times where many of us seek out connection and celebration with others.

We want you to know that we trust you to all be making the best and most appropriate decisions for your families and the children you’re caring for. In order to best do that, we wanted to share a few resources. This guide compares potential activities related to Halloween that might be helpful when making decisions about celebrations this month. The Center for Disease Control and Washington State websites also have a variety of informative guidance around holiday celebrations and risk level that may be helpful in informing your decisions.

We know there are lots of things to balance right now and a lot of unknowns, so please know that Amara is here to support you. We also know that you all have lots of resources, and we’d love to invite you to share those with us!

Again, we want to thank you for everything you’re doing right now (like getting flu shots, tracking down medical records, TEACHING and working from home), and we want you to know we think you’re just amazing!


Your Friends at Amara

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