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Making It Work – Amara’s Latest Op-Ed

We are thrilled that Fostering Families Today magazine published an op-ed about parent/caregiver relationship building by Katie Biron, Amara’s program manager for our Family Connections Program. You can read the article online or in the summer 2022 print edition of the magazine. Here’s an excerpt:

“When children see their parents and caregivers collaborate and communicate with one another, they benefit in multiple ways. They feel less stress when their caregivers know their routines, likes and dislikes. Plus, children are smart and intuitive. They can sense when there is tension between their parents and caregivers. This makes them feel caught in the middle with divided loyalties, which in turn, increases the trauma they experience. Depending on how long a child has been in care, they may start to experience feelings of love for their caregivers, while also loving their parents, despite circumstances that led to their removal from home. Giving kids permission to love and care about all the important adults in their lives allows a child to relax, and to feel safe and supported. This is the ultimate goal for everyone.”

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