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Amara in Community – South Seattle

When community cares for one another, incredible things happen.

Our first Community Resource Giveaway event helped dozens of families get the supplies they need for back-to-school and beyond. An additional 200 families got much-needed supplies like diapers and books, thanks to another nonprofit that attended ours to gather items for them. It was wonderful to share in the joy and relief families were feeling as they selected clothes, shoes, blankets and more while their kids picked out new toys and played nearby.

One of the sweetest moments at the event was when a young boy from a large family picked out two toys. One of them was a special set of Pokémon cards he said he planned to share with his friend. He then helped his younger sister find a toy while their mom picked up essentials for the whole family.

Amara’s community of generous donors and supporters made our Resource Giveaway possible. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all. Because of you, parents, kids, foster parents, and kinship caregivers can worry a little less about family budgets. With surging prices for almost everything, a little less financial worry can go a long way toward reducing stress.

We are committed to lifting up the communities we serve in new and tangible ways like this. We know that being part of a community of folx who are impacted by the child welfare system means being in community alongside them, hearing their stories and meeting real needs however we can. We’ll keep you posted on new opportunities coming soon.

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