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Reunification Events Celebrate Families

“We’re here to honor your persistence and your triumph,” said King County Superior Court Judge Marshall Ferguson at King County’s Reunification Celebration July 22, 2022. Celebrating family reunifications is one of the highlights of our work with kids and families involved in the foster care system. Recently we participated in both King County’s and Pierce County’s family reunification events. We were moved by the happiness and pride of the families celebrating their journeys to reunification.

For many parents, reunifying with their kids means they have overcome substance use disorder and/or have been able to find stable housing and employment. Each step in their journeys brought them closer to meeting their personal goals and joyfully reuniting their families. No path to reunification is easy and each is worth honoring and celebrating. Learn more about why by listening to our podcast episode on supporting family reunifications.

Thanks to our generous supporters and donors, Amara was able to help reunifying families at both events by providing essentials like diapers and school supplies, as well as toys and games for each child. It was great to see all the kids laughing and playing with each other and seeing how parents supported and uplifted one another. One of our staff members, Leroy Pascubillo, Certified Lead Mentor for our Family Connections Program, spoke about his journey at the King County event. Shortly afterward several dads shook his hand in gratitude for his support of their journeys.

To all the other parents on their pathways to reunification, please remember: “There are people who will help and there is reason for hope.” ~ Judge Marshall

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