Sometimes Timing Is Perfect – Generous Gift Helps Kinship Family - Amara

Sometimes Timing Is Perfect – Generous Gift Helps Kinship Family

It takes courage to reach out for help. And we’re honored a grandparent caring for their two school-aged grandchildren in King County entrusted us to help their family through our new Kin Connections program for support.

Soon after reaching out to us, the grandparent shared that one of their family’s greatest needs was new tires because the family drives hundreds of miles each week from King to Whatcom County to keep the kids connected to their siblings. In a happy coincidence, Amara received an unexpected and very generous monetary donation from our nonprofit partner Ticket-to-Dream. Because of this, Amara provided the funds this kinship family needed to get new tires and some minor car repairs. Now the whole family can stay safe as they make their long weekly trips.

“It is like a super deep, cleansing exhale of relief,” said the grandparent.

We’re happy to know this grandparent can make the drive feeling a little less burdened thanks to their steadfast commitment to their family, the incredible generosity of Amara’s donors, and the dedication of our Kinship Care team.


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