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The Power of Community-Centered Program Design

Amara has launched several new programs to serve kids and families lately. One of the key “ingredients” in these new programs is the wisdom of people with lived experience. Their input infused each program so we could find ways to best serve kids and families, and ways to reduce possible barriers to reaching the programs in the first place. Community-centered program design can lead to programs that are more likely to be trusted and used when they are informed by people who have “been there, done that.”

Now we’re getting ready to share what we’ve learned/are learning about community-centered program design at our next Speaking of Change event March 31. Join us for a deep-dive, virtual conversation about the importance and benefits of involving people with lived experience in designing programs, and what it looks like to do this work both before a new program launches and after. Our panel includes parents and caregivers who have experienced the foster care system, Amara program leads, and Dr. Angelique Day, researcher and Associate Professor at the University of Washington School of Social Work. We are planning a rich conversation that will give our community of supporters insight into our new programs and the “Why” behind them. Click here to register for this free event from noon – 1 pm on Friday, March 31.

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