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Kin Connections Can Provide a New Circle of Support

Sometimes even simple things, like finding baby essentials, can become overwhelming and complicated for a parent or caregiver. Suppose you need diapers for a rambunctious toddler, but you have no transportation, no local family or friends who can pick some up, and the diaper bank you turn to for help only carries brands that the child is allergic to. Combine all this with the fact that you are newly caring for the little one because their parents could not, and you never had time to prepare for their arrival in your home.

One of our new kinship families recently faced this dilemma and turned to our Kin Connections program for help. Our kinship care team knew helping this family meant thinking outside the proverbial box. They came up with a plan for the team supervisor to personally deliver diapers the toddler isn’t allergic to directly to their home. The family’s social worker shared with us that the new caregiver was teary-eyed with gratitude for the diaper delivery.

Now, the kinship caregiver can focus on meeting the little one’s other needs, and the Amara team continues to be there for them with planning, resource navigation, and more. With a new circle of support, this family can more fully focus on healing. 

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