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Celebrating an Inspirational Life

Amara has been lucky over the years to have known and kept in touch with an incredible woman for 100 years.  

That’s not a typo.  

Old Photo Of Media Home EditedLucretia Way was born in 1923 and spent the first couple years of her life at Amara – then known as the Medina Baby Home, an orphanage – before being adopted in 1925. She went on to live a life dedicated to her family and in service of others as a nurse and as a peace and justice activist. Lucretia has remained an important member of the Amara community since she walked back through our doors in the mid-2000s and shared with staff “I’m a Medina baby!” Lucretia's Cake

It has been an incredible honor to celebrate Lucretia’s life with her, including her 90th birthday at a special Amara luncheon in 2013. We were so touched that she wanted to share such a big milestone, and many hugs, with us.

In 2018 our then Director of Post-Adoption Services, Angela Tucker, helped Lucretia find and connect with her brother Charles. The two had never met and were 95 and 89 respectively when they were finally connected. Neither let the sorrow over their separation dim the time they had left to spend together. Both were simply filled with gratitude that at last, they found each other. Lucretia described her feelings about her reunion with her brother this way: 

“I’ve had a lot of beautiful times in my life, but this one tops them all. Who knew miracles were possible at 95 years old?” 

Angela Tucker shared her thoughts on the importance of helping reunite Lucretia and Charles: 

Supporting Lucretia through the finding and meeting of her biological brother was one of the highlights of my career. Lucretia told me so many stories that illustrated her for a peaceful humanity – those lessons are forever etched in the way I view the world. Lucretia 2013

We at Amara, like so many who knew her, are mourning Lucretia’s passing last week, at age 100, and we also celebrate the incredible life she lived. Today, her son is in close contact with his uncle Charles, and he is grateful to be the son of a woman who led an inspirational life of service and grace. 

Our hearts go out to Lucretia’s family and friends during this difficult time. We will forever be grateful for her lasting impact on our work.  

You can read Lucretia’s obituary here.  

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