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Letting Love Lead Fosters Healing

Amara foster caregivers pour their hearts into helping kids and families heal their prior traumas and from their experiences with the child welfare system. For Jordan*, this meant feeling not just accepted for who they are but also loved.  

When they entered foster care as a tween, Jordan had not yet experienced true understanding of their gender identity. Amara caregivers Michael and Dan* welcomed Jordan whole-heartedly, and they soon began building up the courage to explore new interests, such as sports, fishing, and science. Then Jordan wanted to play a sport in a league that matched their gender identity, so Michael and Dan helped them manage and overcome the anxiety they experienced surrounding that big step. 

All the while, their Amara caseworker was there to help the family navigate the emotions and needs of a transgender tween and relationship-building between all three of them. She also helped Michael and Dan build a strong and supportive relationship with Jordan’s mom. This included supporting her addiction recovery, helping her grow her understanding of gender identity, and empowering her as a parent.  

After Jordan and their mom reunified, Michael and Dan asked if they could all stay in touch. Jordan’s mom agreed and now they all enjoy visits, fishing trips, and dinners out. Jordan never had to say goodbye to the foster family they grew to love. And the caregivers never had to say goodbye to Jordan.   

* Names changed to protect privacy. 

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