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Meet the Newest Members of Amara’s Leadership Team

We are excited to introduce the newest members of our leadership team, Xuan Chung, Chief Innovations and Program Officer, and Joey Ashenbrenner, Chief Development Officer. Both bring to Amara decades of experience helping children and families, and both are passionate advocates for helping families grow their resiliency.

Xuan and Joey join Amara as our organization is positioned to expand its work in preventing families from entering the child welfare system, and in helping kids and families heal during and after system involvement. Their experience and wisdom paired with the deep and compassionate skill sets of our staff, strengthen our foundation so we can serve more kids and families.

Meet Xuan Chung, Chief Innovations and Program Officer

Xuan has been working in child welfare for 24 years. She first became aware of a career in social work while in high school when she completed one of her school’s first-ever senior projects, presenting on issues of child abuse and neglect. “I believe this launched my pathway to studying in the field of child welfare and my determination to make changes for prevention, intervention, and advocacy,” she said.

She earned her Master of Social Work degree from the University of Washington and has long challenged the inequities in the child welfare system, while also advocating to increase the supports children and families have in the system so they have better chances for permanency.

When Amara was seeking our next Chief Innovations and Program Officer, Xuan knew she “wanted to be part of a team that continues to challenge barriers and boundaries.” Among her first impressions of the Amara team is that “Amara is a small organization with a big heart.”

Meet Joey Ashenbrenner, Chief Development Officer

Joey has worked in the Seattle nonprofit community for 20+ years. He began his career in child and youth development, including leading a Head Start early childhood program and afterschool enrichment programs. For the last 15 years, Joey has worked in philanthropy in the greater Seattle area.

He earned his Master in Business Administration from Hope International University, and has found that the opportunity to engage and rally communities in support of children and families so they can increase their stability and well-being is the most fulfilling part of his work.

For Joey, joining Amara has been very exciting as he sees it as an opportunity to support a mission he cares deeply about. “Amara is doing amazing work and I feel incredibly fortunate and honored to be in a role where I can help increase the awareness and understanding of the impact our program team is having in the community,” Among his first impressions of Amara is that the team is “truly heart-led and collectively the staff bring a wealth of wisdom, skill, and expertise to their work. I have been so impressed and moved by the talent, dedication, and commitment of Amara’s team.”

A Bright Future Ahead

Change brings new opportunities and new energy. With its wealth of lived-experience experts, dedicated staff, and passionate leadership, Amara is ready to channel both to help change the child welfare system and to benefit all people who have experienced it.

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