Wrapping Around Ruby* - Amara

Wrapping Around Ruby*

Ruby* was a newcomer to the Puget Sound with no family support when her daughter was removed from her care. Through the Pierce County Early Childhood Court (PCECC) program, which partners with Amara, Ruby received wrap-around support to help her family reunify safely. Amara and the PCECC, part of Zero-to-Three’s Safe Babies network, have partnered in this work for years.

In that time, we have learned that even with support and resources, reunification is not an easy path for many families. For Ruby, a disjointed child welfare system with high staff turnover created additional barriers. And, when she had another child, that child was placed in foster care immediately after birth.

Throughout Ruby’s nearly three-years long case, her Amara and PCECC caseworkers steadfastly worked to secure a housing voucher for her, along with other resources, so she could safely bring her children home once she met all the requirements to reunify. Having the same judge, a consistent court team and the support of the PCECC helped Ruby stay focused on essential tasks.

Ruby’s cases finally closed and the family was reunited at the end of 2023. She and her children now live in an apartment complex with a playground and within walking distance of a library and a grocery store. Her family of three is healing and looking forward to a future filled with school, new friends, and new opportunities.


* Name changed to protect privacy

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