Amara Staff - Amara

Amara Staff

Administrative, Operations, and Finance

Our administrative team can be reached at

Scarlett Aldebot-Green
Chief Executive Officer

Julie Helmuth
Junior Staff Accountant

Kelly Lenard-Holcomb
HR Manager

Dong Nam
Chief Financial Officer
Stephen Grose
Senior Staff Accountant
Marisa Melton
Executive Assistant


External Relations

Our administrative team can be reached at

Carrie Bassett
Director of Development and Communications

Martha Butcha-Spevak
Volunteer Specialist

Julianne Bukey Peterson
Associate Director of Program Impact and Evaluation

Marcia Jacobs
Communications Manager or 206.260.1718

Jill Rose
Corporate and Foundation Relations Liaison

Trish StJohn
Donor Relations Officer

Ruth Tollefson
Chief Development Officer

Domi Watkins
Development and Communications Coordinator



Celia Barros Carrobles
Enrichment and Education Manager

Katie Biron
Strategic Policy Advisor

Brenda Bobadilla
Foster Care Specialist

Deborah Collins
Director of Family Supports

Korrena Cooper-Poe
Youth Development Specialist

Quenby Delgado
Foster Care Specialist

Emani Donaldson
Kinship Care Placement Manager

Katie Egbert
Parent FOCUS Manager

Mari Halpert
Foster Care Specialist

Mandie Higley
Parent FOCUS Peer Navigator – Spokane

Julie Hoffman
Pierce County Early Childhood Court Program Coordinator

Anne-Marie Holloway
Foster Care Specialist

Bill Jones
Parent FOCUS Peer Navigator – Aberdeen

Tricia Lambie
Director of Resource Care

Brittney Lee
Kinship Retention & Support Specialist

Fiona Lloyd-Muller
Family Connections Program Coordinator

Nicole Mazen
Chief Program & Policy Officer

Katherine McManus
Foster Care Program Licensing and Home Study Manager

McKinley McPheeters
Family Resources and Outreach Manager

Crystal Nambo
Kinship Care Specialist

Stephanie Niel
Family Connections Program Manager

Leroy Pascubillo
Family Connections Program Certified Lead Mentor

Michelle Perry
Family Advocate & Strive Navigator

Celina Rivera
Family Connections Program Caregiver Mentor

Mary Schlichter
Foster Care Placement Manager

Emily Sigler
Client Services and Compliance Manager

JaVonya Stewart
Kinship Care Specialist

Jenny von Veh
Child Placement Coordinator

Raquanna Williams
Youth Development Specialist

Youth Development Manager


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