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Can I adopt a child I’m fostering?

The goal of foster care is to reunite children with their birth families or extended family whenever possible. Regardless of the outcome, we support foster families as they transition children into permanency whether that’s reunifying with their family, moving to an adoptive home, or becoming an adoptive family or guardian themselves.

Each child and family’s case moves through a legal process. If the court decides to terminate parent’s rights to their child and a relative placement is not found, foster parents are often the first family considered for adoption. There are some youth in foster care who are waiting to be adopted because their parents have already lost their rights to their child. These kids are usually school age and will have been in foster care for an extended period of time already.

You will receive support from your caseworker and from Amara’s Child Placement Coordinator in making an informed decision about the child you welcome into your family. If adoption becomes an option, your Foster Care Specialist will support you in navigating this process.

Our Post-Adoption program provides support and resources to adoptees and families to promote fulfilling relationships and long-term stability. Amara highly values openness in adoption and the importance of birth family relationships. Foster and adopted children benefit from knowing their roots, staying connected to their birth families and being able to ask questions and get answers about their placement into foster care, their adoption, and their birth/first family.

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