What do I need to do to be a great foster parent? - Amara

What do I need to do to be a great foster parent?

The most important thing you can do is to bring your passion for the well-being of kids, a desire to create an affirming and stable home environment, and a willingness to build relationships with children’s families.

The goal of foster care is family reunification. Children in foster care and their families need to know that their Amara foster families understand and actively support this goal. Amara foster families are committed to caring for children for as long as they need while their family works to reunite with them. Amara foster families take on the unknowns of timelines and focus on being present with and for children during their time in foster care.

Children in foster care need to believe and see that their family and their foster family are united in supporting them. Therefore, Amara foster families (supported by their Foster Care Specialist) work to build and maintain healthy and supportive relationships with children’s parents and extended family. Do children in foster care have contact with their families?

Yes! It is important for kids to maintain connections with their family. One way is through court-ordered visitation. At Amara, we have a team of Family Time Visitation Specialists who ensure children and their families receive and experience these visits with safety, dignity, and support.

Amara foster families help kids stay connected to their families by building relationships with the families of children they are caring for, providing transportation to family visits, and sharing photo albums and updates on the kids. In all this, they receive ongoing, personal support from Amara’s Foster Care Team.

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