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What’s the process for becoming a foster parent with Amara?

    1. Attend an Amara Information Meeting (AIM) – Currently paused
    2. Complete an Application – Currently paused
    3. Attend Caregiver Core Training (CCT)
      CCT is a competency-based training required for all licensed foster parents in Washington State. Sign up here: CCT Training opportunities
    4. Family preparation and home study
      This phase will educate and prepare you for foster parenting, certify your home for a foster home license, and complete the home study document. Find out more about the home study process by listening to this podcast episode where we dive deeper into what a home study is and why this is required by the state.
    5. Child and family matching and placement
      Our Placement Coordinator and your Foster Care Specialist will work together to support you in reviewing referrals and determining which children to welcome into your home.
    6. Support throughout your time fostering
      Amara Foster Care Specialists support you through in-home visits, personal contact and a supportive relationship. They will also help you navigate the end of a child’s case – whether it’s reunification, being placed with another family member, or adoption. We will be there to support you through all of these transitions so that you can be there to best support the kids who have been in your care. Amara also offers ongoing learning opportunities through monthly family support groups.

    Have you fostered with Amara before? Email us for how to get started again.

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