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Adoption Resources

Amara has changed a lot over the years, and during most of that time we were known as an “adoption agency.” Today though, we are known as a reunification-focused foster and kinship care agency that works to prevent child welfare system involvement whenever possible, and reduce the trauma of the system for those experiencing foster care. 

If you are looking for post-adoption support and resources, please visit our resource section here.


Adoption Documents

Because Amara was an orphanage over 100 years ago, and then became an adoption agency for decades afterward, Amara is the legal custodian of many sealed adoption records. There are laws in Washington State that protect the privacy of adoptees and their biological family members, and there are resources available that allow adoptees and birth family members to search for each other and receive at least some information about their history.

Amara cannot unseal or share adoption documents without a request in the form of a Court Order or from a designated Confidential Intermediary (RCW 26.33.330). Under Washington State law, a search for an adopted person’s birth relatives when a reunion is desired, must be conducted by a certified Confidential Intermediary.

The Washington Adoption Reunion Movement (WARM) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to reuniting families separated by adoption. They serve adoptees, birth family members, and adoptive families with information, referral, support, and search services, including performing DNA analysis to name and locate birth fathers. WARM has been reuniting families since 1976. You can visit WARM online to learn more, or click here for more ways to connect with them.