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What is Openness in Adoption? 

Openness is the spirit in which you enter into your relationship with your child where you strive to be emotionally present as they process their adoptedness. Openness is where adoptive parents strive to be present with their child as they process their adoptedness. We believe that even when physical contact isn’t available your family can still achieve a spirit openness. 

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What is the Inclusive Family Support Model?

This animated short provides an easy-to-understand explanation of the Inclusive Family Support Model (IFSM), the country’s first practice model specifically designed to support adoptive families in creating more open relationships with their children’s biological families.


Awareness, then Action: Adopt More Teens

Thanksgiving kicks off a holiday season that includes Christmas, Kwanzaa and Hanukkah. But for all the people who are celebrating with their loved ones, there are thousands of young people waiting for a forever home.

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Creating A Blueprint for Openness in Adoption

Amara recently received a 2-year, $250,000 grant from King County Best Starts for Kids. The award will allow us to test and evaluate our Inclusive Family Support Model (IFSM), the country’s first practice model specifically designed to support adoptive families in creating more open relationships with their children’s biological families. This groundbreaking model was conceptualized by Angela Tucker,

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A Network of Family: Katie and Caitlin’s Story

“I feel like our lives have been really enriched, but it was always in the purpose of keeping the girls connected to their people. That has felt like we’ve forged really amazing relationships with their birth families and it’s been incredible.” Watch Katie and Caitlin’s journey as foster and adoptive parents.

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Why the Census Matters for Adoptees and Their Birth Families

Did you know that Confidential Intermediaries who help adoptees and birth families search and reunite with each other use USA census information? This critical list of demographic and household information is released for use in searches every 10 years and provides needed details on individuals and households that support successful searches. It is imperative that

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Ways To Entertain Kids (And Support Yourself) During COVID-19

Updated on 5/22/2020 As we continue grappling with the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak, Amara is here to support you as you support the children in your home and will continue to do all we can to champion the wellbeing of our children and families. We will also update this page with activities and resources to help you and your