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Collaborative Parenting Workshop

Amara’s Collaborative Parenting Workshop is a free, six-week virtual course for parents and kinship or foster* caregivers that will support the “shared parenting” relationship between them. We invite kinship and foster* caregivers to attend with their co-parent to learn about different communication styles, conflict management, establishing boundaries, planning for transitions, how to have hard conversations, and more! We hope participants walk away feeling more empowered in successfully navigating their shared parenting relationships for the well-being of the child(ren) they all love.

* There are separate workshops for kinship caregivers and parents and for foster caregivers and parents. Each session is two-hours long. Our kinship cohort, Amara’s Collaborative Parenting Workshop – a brave space for kinship caregivers and parents, starts April 7, 2023. Our foster care cohort will launch later this year. 


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Despite more focus on promoting/supporting the shared parenting relationship between caregivers and parents, there aren’t a lot of workshops or classes that focus solely on helping parents and caregivers establish and maintain these relationships. This course hopes to fill the gap by introducing the topic and providing tangible ways for participants to support co-parenting relationships. Also, most workshops tend to focus on supporting only one group of the foster care triad (child/youth, parent, and caregiver). Our Collaborative Parenting Workshop provides support to parents and caregivers to better help them learn together during the process.

Workshop Topics:

  1. Building the Shared Parenting Relationship, Part 1
  2. Building the Shared Parenting Relationship, Part 2
  3. Supporting the Shared Relationship
  4. How to Navigate Hard Conversations
  5. Supporting Effective Family Time Visitation
  6. Establishing Boundaries & Planning for Transitions