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Inside Amara Series: Kinship Care

About this Event

The Inside Amara Series, hosted by Amara’s Ambassador Board, provides an opportunity to learn more about specific Amara programs, ask questions, and engage in conversation with program staff to learn more about our work. This month, Trey Rabun, Amara’s Associate Director of Programs (Kinship Care), will join us to share more about Amara’s new kinship care programming which provides support to relative caregivers and keeps kids connected to their families and community whenever possible. 

What is Kinship Care?

When children enter foster care, State and Federal law requires social workers to look for relatives first to care for them (kinship caregivers). If a relative or “fictive kin” (e.g., coach, teacher, family friend) is not found, children are cared for by a foster family whom they did not previously know. In Washington, nearly half of youth in foster care are cared for by relatives.

Why is Kinship Care important?

Kinship care is best for kids entering foster care because it maintains family connections and cultural identity, minimizes trauma, and improves children’s well-being. Children who are cared for by family members are more likely to return home with their parents and have better lifelong outcomes. Relatives are also more likely to care for siblings, reducing separation and increasing feelings of safety and connection for youth in foster care.

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Friday, June 24, 2022
12:00 pm - 12:45 pm