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Your journey lasts a lifetime. So does our commitment.

Recognizing adoption as a lifelong experience, Amara’s Post-Adoption program works to ensure that you, and the people who love you, receive support in order to promote stability and fulfilling family relationships. We prioritize openness and inclusivity between adoptees, adoptive families, and birth families.

Embrace Challenging Conversations About Adoption

Conversations and questions that may seem innocent or harmless to an inquisitor can have a greater impact on adoptees than we realize, and we shouldn’t shy away from them. Amara creates safe and inclusive spaces for adoptees and offers support and resources to gain new skills. 

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Confidential Intermediary

Although there are laws in Washington State to protect the privacy of adoptees and their biological family members, there are resources available that allow adoptees and birth family members to search for each other or to receive non-identifying information about their history. Our Confidential Intermediary (CI) is here to help you do that. 


STAR Adoptee Mentorship Program

In 2017, Amara piloted the STAR Adoptee Mentorship Program, sparked by an idea from two young adoptees. The program brought adult and youth adoptees together for fun outings, knowing that they had a shared connection and could talk about their experiences.

*Due to COVID-19, the STAR Adoptee Mentorship program is currently on hold. Contact us to receive updates about this program.

Resources for Adoptees

Find articles, tools, tips, and other resources to support you on your journey. 

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The Adoption Files Initiative

We recognize the importance of transparency and the benefits of an adoptee knowing as many details about their birth family as possible. In March 2019, we began auditing 3,700 of our own adoption files searching for non-identifying information that we may be able to provide.

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Adoptive Family Support Services

Amara provides adoptive families with support, guidance and resources to navigate the complex relationships and general post-adoption adjustment needs.

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