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Adoptive Families

Adoption is a lifelong journey. We’re here to walk it with you.

We seek to create opportunities for adoptive families to build community with one another. Whether it’s communicating and building relationships with birth families or navigating challenges that arise as your adopted children grow older, Amara is here to provide you with support, guidance and resources. 

Keeping Families Connected

“Laura didn’t get relegated to birth parent status just because she relinquished. She’s still his parent.” Katie and Jonathan Biron became foster parents knowing the importance of maintaining relationships between kids and their parents. While fostering Grayson, they formed a close relationship with his biological family who became one large extended family through adoption.

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STAR Groups

Amara supports two groups for families with experience in foster care and adoption. Our STAR Youth Program (Supported, Thriving, Authentic, Resilient) serves youth in King and (soon) Pierce counties in fun, in-person groups designed to help kids build community with other kids who have had similar experience. 

Our Strong, Tough and Resilient (STAR) Adoptive Parent Group provides an opportunity for adoptive parents to create a lasting community with one another and gain tools and resources to advocate for and support adoptees.

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Adoption Openness Assessment

Every adoptive family falls within one of the openness assessment areas: Inclusive, Spirit of Openness, Mediated or Closed. Find out where you fall and gain resources to support you along your journey by completing the Adoption Openness Assessment.

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Adoptive Family Support Services

We believe openness in adoption isn’t something parents do when they exchange photos, send emails, or share a visit; rather, openness can be imagined as a lifestyle that may have its ups and downs as all family relationships will. Amara provides adoptive families with support, guidance and resources to navigate the complex relationships and general post-adoption adjustment needs.  

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Connect with Adoptive Parents on Facebook

Post-Adoption Connections is a private Facebook group open to all families who have finalized an adoption (foster care, kinship, private, domestic, international). Families build community through sharing questions and soliciting feedback, creating events, and engaging in dialogue around pertinent topics and current events.

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Resources for Adoptive Families

Find articles, tools, tips, and other resources to support your family’s journey.

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Events & Trainings

Find trainings, workshops, support groups, and fun events to support you on your journey.

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Post-Adoption Services

Adoption is a lifelong experience. Learn more about how Amara supports adoptees, adoptive families, and birth families.

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