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Birth Families

Adoption is a life-changing experience for everyone involved.

Birth family members are an integral part of an adoption! To us, that includes birth parents, birth siblings, grandparents and other important partners within your family. We know an adoption impacts every person differently, and we are here to support you. Your wellbeing is important to us as you navigate post-adoption relationships.

“I found out about my sisters when I was 10...”

When Mariya discovered photos of biological sisters she never knew she had, she wanted to connect with them. She contacted Amara, who had assisted with their adoption, to ask if they could meet.

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Staying connected with your biological child.

We believe that maintaining contact between adoptive and birth families is in the adoptee’s best interest. However, we understand that there are times when families are unable to communicate with each other directly, at which point Amara may serve as a liaison. If you need support corresponding, please reach out.

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Do you have an Open Adoption Agreement?

The Open Adoption Agreement is a legal document that outlines communication between birth parents and adoptive parents. This document is entered into the courts during the adoption finalization and is typically created immediately following the termination of the biological parents’ rights. If you would like support navigating your agreement, contact us.


Are you a birth family member looking to find more information about an adoptee?

You may desire to have a connection with a family member who has been adopted. Did you know that birthparents as well as biological siblings, grandparents, and other family members may have the right to gain information? 


Resources for Birth Parents 

  • Counseling – Need additional support to heal? Feel free to contact us and we can offer therapists who may be a good fit for you.
  • Support Groups – Find a support group for you here.
  • On Your Feet Foundation – This organization honors and values the choice birth mothers have made to place their children for adoption and provides support and community after placement.
  • Three Strands Facebook Group – A private Facebook page for birth moms, adoptees and adoptive moms to come together to share their journeys in a safe place.
  • Adoption Triad Facebook Group – This Facebook page is dedicated to everyone touched by adoption: adoptees, adoptive families, and birth families.
  • Birth Mothers Unite! Facebook Group – This group is for the unsung heroes of adoption: The women who made a decision to carry a child to term, so that they could live a full and happy life with another family.
  • Concerned United Birthparents – CUB’s online support group is a message board and it is a way for all members of the adoption triad to engage in online discussion.
  • Northwest Birthmom Group – This Facebook page is for any woman who has placed a child for adoption and who is looking to connect with other birth mothers.