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Kin Connections

Kin Connections Supports Kinship Families

So They Can Support Each Other

Kin Connections helps kinship caregivers in King and Pierce counties connect to the resources and supports they need to parent relative children, many of whom often arrive with little notice. Amara’s kinship team will focus on connecting kinship caregivers to the short-term supports that help meet immediate needs, while simultaneously connecting to other resources and programs that can support families long-term. 

These short-term supports can include applying for financial assistance, education around navigating the often-complex child welfare system, and/or assisting with requirements for the new child-specific state license. This license allows kinship families to receive monthly foster care payments to help offset the costs of caring for children.

Kinship Care Can Help Transform the Child Welfare System

Trey Rabun, Amara’s Associate Director of Kinship and Community Services, writes about his professional and personal journey which led him to centering kinship care. He asks the question, “Why weren’t we truly prioritizing these families as placement options and then supporting them at the same level as foster parents?” Read more about Amara’s commitment to supporting kinship caregivers as part of our work to transform the child welfare system. 

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Kin Connections works with kinship families who are caring for kids who were placed in their homes by the Washington State Department of Children, Youth, and Families (DCYF)/Child Protective Services (CPS) in King and Pierce counties. This is often referred to as “formal kinship care.” Case workers can refer families by filling out the online form below. Kinship families can sign up by filling out the form as well. There is no cost to families.  


Families can expect to work with Kin Connections staff to set family goals and to meet those goals with program support in about three months. Program benefits can last a lifetime, because when kids can stay with extended family and live in or near their communities, they experience less trauma, and their caregivers experience less stress when they have the resources they need. 

Looking for more information or want to complete a referral over the phone? Call Emily at 206-260-1708 or

If you are interested in building a collaborative relationship with the parent(s) of the child(ren) you are caring for, our Collaborative Parenting Workshop, a brave space for kinship caregivers and parents, can help. It’s a free, six-week online course designed especially for kinship families.

Looking for Resources in King and Pierce Counties?

Kinship families often need resources, like internet access, children’s bedroom furniture, school supplies, and more to care for the children they love. Check out the list of resource providers we’ve cultivated, and be sure to ask your Kinship Retention and Support Specialist if there’s something you need but can’t find on this list.