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Let’s Talk About The Home Study Process

Becoming a foster parent with Amara involves going through our home study process. In this episode of the Amara Podcast, we’ll talk more in depth about what that actually means. We’ll start by exploring why a home study is even needed. Why does the state need so much information about me and my family to become foster parents? What is the point of this long process? We’ll also talk about the various components of the home study, including the types of information gathered and the topics you can expect to encounter during a home study process. Finally, we’ll explain how Amara’s home study process works and the steps to complete it through our agency.

First Few Days

The First Few Days

The first few days of foster care are a time of great adjustment for everyone involved. In this episode, we explore what those first few days feel like. Join us as we talk with former foster parents Paul & Joe about their memories of those first few days, as well as Kristen, an Amara Foster Care Specialist, and Katie who shares ideas about supporting foster families during the first few days.

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Supporting Family Reunification

At Amara, we help our foster parents support family reunification, as we know this is the best outcome for children when it is safe to do so. Listen in as we talk with Amara’s Associate Director of Foster Care and three Amara foster families about the importance, joy, and struggle of experiencing reunification.

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Fostering Family – Find Your Role

May is Foster Care Awareness Month and we’re excited to tell you about Fostering Family, a new collaborative initiative launching this month to raise awareness and increase support for kids and families experience foster care.

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National Social Worker Appreciation Month

Listen in to a few of our amazing social workers and how they are affecting the lives of children in foster care. Kari Hanson hosts with Amara Foster Care Specialists Jennifer Wheeler, Kristen Wilson and Ryan Karnoski.

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End Of The Year Philanthropic Giving

Hear about how donations are helpful in specific situations, what to give, what not to give, how to get the whole family involved in philanthropic giving and what end of the year donations mean to many nonprofits.

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Trey and Jen’s Fostering Experience

We sat down with two Amara staff who are also proud Foster Parents and part of the LGBTQ+ community. They talk about their experiences as foster parents, Amara’s participation in the 2018 Pride Parade, and advice for people in the LGBTQ+  community interested in becoming foster parents.