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Best for Babies Court Program

We’re here for your baby. We’re here for you.

Amara partners with Pierce County Juvenile Court to support families who have infants and toddlers in foster care by meeting more frequently to promote greater supports for families and children.

Why Best for Babies Works

“They have put my family back together.” Best for Babies is an innovative, court-based program in Pierce County designed to ensure that infants and toddlers entering foster care receive support and services to promote secure attachment, safety, well-being, and an environment that supports early brain development with the goal to reunify families.

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What Parents Can Expect

By participating in this innovative court program, parents can expect:

  • To meet more frequently
  • Court hearings on a smaller docket with the same judge every 60 days
  • A collaborative team approach in family team meetings between court hearings
  • To discuss services needed for children to support attachment and healthy development
  • To be encouraged to share parenting with caregivers to support children
  • A community coordinator available as additional support


Who Is Involved?

  • Judge
  • Assistant Attorney General
  • Social Worker – dedicated workers in each office
  • Guardian Ad Litem (GAL)/Child Advocate (CA)
  • Parent Attorneys
  • Caregivers (foster or relatives)
  • Community Coordinator (neutral party, there to support the team that supports the child and family)
  • Parent Ally (someone who has gone through the system before)
  • Providers/supports – Providers who are involved may be invited to meetings and parents are encouraged to bring anyone who is supporting them


How Can I Sign Up?

Talk with your attorney about joining. For more information about the program, contact:


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Pierce County had the first baby court in the state

We are proud of our partnership with Pierce County Juvenile Court to provide the Best for Babies program. It’s exciting to see new solutions to child welfare expanding across our state!

“‘It will transform you into the person that you want to be,’ Maefau said. ‘Because I never thought I could be the best mom that I am today. I felt, maybe someone else could do a better job than I can. Maybe I can’t do enough…But it’s possible. It is.’”

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