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Adoptive Family Support Services

Facilitating Openness for Post-Adoptive Families

We believe openness can be imagined as a lifestyle that may have its ups and downs as all family relationships will. Amara provides adoptive and birth families with support, guidance and resources to navigate the complex relationships and general post-adoption adjustment needs.

Katie & Caitlin Embrace Their Children’s First Families

Katie and Caitlin, their daughters and their extended family, have created a constellation of people to share their lives with. “Our family has grown. We’ve been invited to Christmas, and we go down to the farm and we hang out with the aunts and uncles. I feel like our lives have been really enriched, but it was always in the purpose of keeping the girls connected to their people. That has felt like we’ve forged really amazing relationships with their birth families and it’s been incredible.”

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Open Adoption Agreement Support

Post-adoption contact is often legally established through a written agreement often called an Open Adoption Agreement. If you need support, please reach out to us. 

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Are you an adoptive parent seeking support?

This journey can feel difficult and isolating at times. Join the STAR Adoptive Parent group to expand your understanding of the connection between openness and adoptee well-being. 

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Creating a Blueprint for Openness in Adoption

We received a $250,000 grant from King County Best Starts for Kids to test and evaluate our Inclusive Family Support Model (IFSM), the country’s first practice model specifically designed to support adoptive families in creating more open relationships with their children’s biological families.

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The Inclusive Family Support Model was published in a major academic journal!

Three theoretical perspectives guide the development and implementation of the Inclusive Family Support Model. Family Systems Theory and the Ambiguous Loss framework provide the foundation, and the Transtheoretical Model of Change frames our approach to guiding discussions around openness.

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