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Family Time Visitation

Providing Safe Spaces for Families to Stay Connected

Keeping kids connected to their families is important for their well-being. Family visits help maintain and strengthen the parent-child relationship, which increases the likelihood that kids will safely return home. Parents working to be reunited with their children face immense challenges. The child welfare system, of which foster care is a part, is complex and can be difficult to navigate. We strive to make their path a little smoother and a lot more compassionate, through Family Time services.

Why Family Visits are Important

At a time when so much is uncertain and unknown for children, it is important to provide as much stability and familiarity as possible. And, spending time with their children helps parents feel connected and hopeful that they can do the work to reunite with them. 

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Visits at Amara

We provide a kid-friendly, supportive environment that makes visits more likely to be successful for everyone. Visits at Amara include cozy meeting rooms with toys and books, an outdoor play space, and a kitchen for snacks and bottles.

Are you a parent or a foster parent? We want to make sure you know what to expect during visits with Amara. Review our guidelines below and email us with any questions or concerns. 

What is a Family Time Visit?

Children in foster care spend time with their parents and/or other relatives through visits. The Court decides how often visits can happen, how long they should last, and if supervision is required. Visits include the child, their relatives, and a visit supervisor. This time is spent playing, talking, sharing a meal, watching a movie, or other forms of bonding. Visits can significantly reduce the level of anxiety and stress for children and parents experiencing foster care.

What is a Family Time Supervisor?

Our Family Time Supervisors are the people who connect children and parents. They schedule visits, drive kids to their visits, provide supervision if required, and write reports about each visit for the state social worker. We strive to ensure that children, parents, and foster parents have a positive experience with Family Time, and that the time children and parents spend together during their visits is as positive as possible. Family Time Supervisors support parents with coaching during visits, and they seek to strengthen communication between parents and foster parents in the best interest of the child. 

“My visitation supervisor is just beyond helpful; she’s always reminding me and my significant other about our visits and always very respectful. She has a special bond with my children and she adores them as much as they adore her.” – Parent Participant


“I couldn’t be happier that Amara took over the visits! The child [we are caring for] is much happier and calm when she returns home. The visitation supervisor is also helping mom bond with her child. All parties are happy with the service Amara provides! Thank you!” – Foster Parent


Amara occasionally texts clients to best coordinate our services. By agreeing to receive services from Amara, you agree to receive individualized communications from us via text. Clients can always opt out of receiving texts by contacting us at

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