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Foster Care Services

Foster (v.): To promote the growth or development of

At Amara, we believe in the power of community – a network of people coming together to support one another through all the highs and lows. Together, we can transform foster care into a system that builds resilience and relationships, so all kids and families thrive.

Foster care exists to provide safe, temporary homes for kids who the state decides cannot live with their families. The goal is reunification – that means children return to their home after their family has received the services, resources, and support they need to get back on track. It’s about the restoration of families.Amara Service Map Detail Map And Key

A Network of Family: Katie and Caitlin’s Story

“I feel like our lives have been really enriched, but it was always in the purpose of keeping the girls connected to their people. That has felt like we’ve forged really amazing relationships with their birth families and it’s been incredible.”

See Their Story

Amara’s Commitment

Supporting child and family well-being starts with connection. When kids enter foster care, we keep them connected to their families through visitation and help establish connections between parents and foster families to build a strong community that works together to best support child(ren) while in foster care. 

We aren’t afraid to be the first – the first to try new ways of supporting families, to find innovative solutions to long-standing challenges within child welfare by listening to families directly impacted by foster care. That’s why we partnered with Pierce County Juvenile Court to pilot the Pierce County Early Childhood Court program which supports families who have infants and toddlers in foster care by meeting more frequently to promote greater support for families and children. 

And while kids are in foster care, we promise to provide safe and affirming homes for as long as they need by providing quality support and training to foster and kinship caregivers. Kids do best when they have a team of people loving them and meeting their needs – together.


Community Support

It takes our whole community to support kids and families. Whether it’s learning more, becoming a foster parent, advocating, volunteering, or donating — it takes all of us to thrive. Will you join us?

Resources for Families

Find articles, tools, tips, and other resources to support your family’s journey.

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