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Post-Adoption Program

Adoption is a lifelong experience.

The journey lasts a lifetime. So does our commitment. We are dedicated to supporting adoptees, birth families and adoptive families in order to promote stability and fulfilling family relationships.

Creating Inclusive and Safe Spaces for Adoptees and Families

Our Post-Adoption program does not shy away from the challenging conversations that adoptive and birth families face.

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Amara’s Commitment

We believe adoptees and birth parents are the rightful owners of their truth and that knowing your own truth has the power to heal. That’s why we’re leading the adoption community through comprehensive and ethical reviews of adoption files to make amends and evolve best practices. And, our expert staff are here to help adoptees and birth families in their quest for information

We believe openness is a lifestyle that has its ups and downs, just as all family relationships do. Our desire is for adoptees and their families to feel supported in pursuing healthy relationships with one another by receiving support and resources to navigate these complex relationships.

We recognize the power of shared experience and seek to create opportunities for adoptive families to build community with one anotherUnderstanding that birth families are oppressed within the child welfare system, we are always looking for ways to amplify their voice and understand their needs.



It takes our whole community to support adoptees, adoptive families, and birth families. We welcome all community members to our workshops because as their teacher, nurse, therapist and neighbor, you play an integral part of their lives. Whether through continued education, advocating, volunteering, or donating – it takes all of us to thrive. Will you join us? 

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Volunteer with The Adoption Files Initiative

Our volunteers are trained to document details from each adoptee file and offer recommendations for files to be discussed by the Ethics Committee.


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