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STAR Adoptive Parent Group

Creating Community Through Shared Experience

It can be difficult for adoptive parents to find safe spaces to discuss the unique joys and challenges that come from forming your family through adoption. The Strong, Tough and Resilient (STAR) Adoptive Parent Group provides an opportunity for adoptive parents to create a lasting community with one another and gain tools and resources to advocate for and support adoptees.  

Karen’s Journey with STAR

“As a parent – as a foster and adopt parent – this has been the place that I have found the most connection and the most sense of understanding and support that’s enabled me to make better choices.”

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How It Works

Each STAR Adoptive Parent Group consists of 8-12 adoptive parents that meet weekly for 7 weeks. A trained adoptive parent serves as the group facilitator and leads the group through a structured (and flexible!) curriculum centered around the wonderful, unique and challenging nuances of adoptive parenting. Any adoptive parent is welcome to participate, regardless of their path to adoption or connection to Amara.

*Due to COVID-19, the program has been modified to provide a virtual group experience through weekly audio recordings, virtual meetings and online group discussions.


How Much Does It Cost?

As a nonprofit, Amara is reliant on individual donors to help us offer the innovative, responsive, high-quality programming that we do. To reduce barriers to participation, there is no cost to join although donations are greatly appreciated.


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“This group has greatly increased my feeling of belonging with people who get it, who have brought acceptance and grace when we have not been at our best, a place to vent and connect, and help me feel like we are doing the best we can with what we know at this point. It has improved my ability to advocate for my kid from a thoughtful place rather than just simply reacting. Getting real-time advice from those also in the thick of it about biological family stuff has been invaluable. It has helped make me a better parent to my kiddo.” – STAR participant

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