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Bright Spark/Child Care Resources of King County & Pierce County

Bright Spark supports families in their search for child care, assists families experiencing homelessness with child care costs, coaches and provides resources for child care professionals, and trains and empowers low-income and refugee women pursuing careers in early learning. 

A Different Kind of Normal

Children who have been affected by prenatal substance abuse can be difficult children to parent, difficult children to get close to, and sometimes difficult children to love. They may find it difficult to love themselves. The reciprocal circle of attachment, so important in adoption, in this case may tilt out of focus not because of

Adoption Candle Ceremony

Ritual can play an important role in helping children address and express unspoken feelings. The folks at FAIR (Families Adopting in Response) have developed a beautiful ritual for adopted children. We encourage families and professionals to think about how they can use this ceremony, modified as needed, to validate the experiences of the children they