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Rise Magazine: Winning Him Back by Lynne Miller

When ACS took my son away from me I felt like my world had ended. At our first visit, I think I went into shock. My son and I spent nearly the whole visit crying all over each other. Maybe it was the guilt I was feeling, but I felt I could see the mistrust

Rise Magazine: Someone To Turn To: A Vision for Creating Networks of Parent Peer Care

This Insights paper presents Rise’s vision for a peer network of collective care by and for parents. This fall, Rise created a parent Peer Vision Team to explore building a peer care model that can strengthen families while reducing contact with the family policing system. Nationwide and in New York City, where Rise is based, it’s crucial to

The Alliance CaRES

The University of Washington School of Social Work’s Alliance CaRES Program is a partner of the Department of Children, Youth, and Families offering support to caregivers around the state. Our local Mentors are dedicated to working alongside caregivers at every stage of your journey, providing guidance, access to resources, and support groups on specific topics

The Primal Wound

Book by Nancy Verrier – This book discusses the ‘primal wound’, or the wound that is created when a child is separated from their mother, that many adopted people struggle with throughout their lifetime. The book discusses the effects of loss, attachment, bonding, and psychological effects of adoption.

The Other Mother

Book by Carol Schaefer – This is the story of a birth mother who searches for her son who was adopted 19 years ago.

Adoptee Reading Resources

This is a site with a list of books that may be of interest to adopted people. This website centers books that are written by adoptees and some are not related to adoption. The website also includes reviews written by adoptees for books. Finally, the website lists books written by non-adoptees but are recommended by

Adoption Reunion Search and Support Group

This Facebook group discusses search and reunion. Members can post information related to their search and there are members who are willing to help with this process. There is also information about the rights birth families and adoptees have in each state, resources for searching and documents that explain searching through DNA.