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Stories and News

We believe in the power of stories.

There is nothing we can say that is more powerful than what our families and their kids say in their own words. Watch, read, and listen to their stories and experiences — and stay in the know about the latest happenings at Amara.

A Network of Family: Katie and Caitlin’s Story

“I feel like our lives have been really enriched, but it was always in the purpose of keeping the girls connected to their people. That has felt like we’ve forged really amazing relationships with their birth families and it’s been incredible.”

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Families gathered at Amara's Family Resource Center

Amara Celebrates a Generous Grant from the Ballmer Group

Amara received a generous multi-year grant totaling $2 million from the Ballmer Group earlier this year. This grant is supporting Amara’s mission to help children and families most impacted by Washington’s child welfare system. Together, Amara and the Ballmer Group intend to help transform the child welfare system in ways that reduce systemic injustice and
Friends Of Southpaw

Amara Partner Works to Expand Free & Discounted Services for Kids in Foster/Kinship Care

Local barber and Amara partner Tommy Andrade, and his partner Jeff Chou, have been reaching out to service providers to build a network of supporters who provide free and discounted services to kids in foster and kinship care. Friends of Southpaw invites other service providers to join them in making it a little easier for
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Amara STAR Youth’s Summer of Care and Connection

Amara launched our new youth development program, STAR Youth (Supported, Thriving, Authentic & Resilient) this summer and we are excited to share our experiences and our gratitude to everyone who made our summer camps possible. For five weeks in July and August, our Youth Development Team led week-long day camps for kids and teens ages
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Kin Connections Can Provide a New Circle of Support

Sometimes even simple things, like finding baby essentials, can become overwhelming and complicated for a parent or caregiver. Suppose you need diapers for a rambunctious toddler, but you have no transportation, no local family or friends who can pick some up, and the diaper bank you turn to for help only carries brands that the
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Coming Together for Cameron

Liam* and Anela* were unsure if becoming foster caregivers was right for them. “We heard stories that foster care [was] really difficult because you develop a bond with a kiddo and saying goodbye is hard,” said Anela.  Through Amara, they learned that providing foster care meant providing a temporary and loving home for kids until

Amara Celebrates Pride in King and Pierce County

Happy Pride! Our community of foster parents, kinship caregivers, staff, and volunteers would not be complete without the expansive love, care, and personhood of our LGBTQIA+ families. One of these Amara families shares, “Pride is something we try to engrain in all the kids who stay with us. Pride in the awesome humans they are…
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Supreme Court Upholds ICWA

Amara is relieved the Supreme Court today affirmed tribal sovereignty by upholding the Indian Child Welfare Act. ICWA is a necessary protection for Native American children, families, and culture. Native families endured decades of forced family separation that sent Indian children to harsh, abusive “boarding schools” where any expression of their tribal culture was forbidden.
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Amara in Community – Our Pierce County Family Resource Center Open House

Great things big and small happen when communities come together to support kids and families. Last week, Amara hosted our first Open House for our Family Resource Center in Pierce County. The Open House brought together local nonprofit organizations dedicated to serving kids and families for an afternoon of connecting with folks at our Tacoma
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Jeremy’s Journey of Growth

Oftentimes, children impacted by foster care struggle to cope with the trauma that comes from being separated from their families. For these kids, their entire life has been turned upside down, leaving them feeling stressed and anxious. Almost immediately, they must adapt to living in a house that smells different, eating food that tastes unusual,