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Take Action: Speak Out Against Discrimination

As a member of the Amara family, you know our mission is to prioritize the wellbeing of children in foster care and adoptees; and support the families who love them. And who are the “families who love them”? Foster families, birth/first families, and adoptive families; as well as kinship caregivers.  All people need and deserve

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Farewell Reflections: Thinking Long-term for Children & Families

The following is a reflection from Kate Rocke, Amara’s Associate Director of Children’s Services, who has been a valued and influential member of Amara’s team for the past five and a half years. She will soon be departing Amara for new adventures and we are grateful for her years of leadership contributing to children’s well-being

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Let’s Talk About the Term “Foster-to-Adopt”

The term “foster-to-adopt” is a very common phrase. It refers to the process that many families go through before adopting children for whom they were first foster parents. At Amara we try to avoid the term “foster-to-adopt”, instead using “fostering and adoption”. And while this may seem like just semantics, it is much more important