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Amara’s Commitment to Sharing Pronouns

As a committed partner and ally to the LGBTQ+ community, Amara shares our pronouns. Do you know this practice? If you receive an email from someone at Amara, you’ll likely see the pronouns that staff member uses in their signature line. If you attend a meeting with Amara staff, you may hear some folks introduce

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Take Action: Speak Out Against Discrimination

As a member of the Amara family, you know our mission is to prioritize the wellbeing of children in foster care and adoptees; and support the families who love them. And who are the “families who love them”? Foster families, birth/first families, and adoptive families; as well as kinship caregivers.  All people need and deserve

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We Stand in Opposition to Discrimination

Amara is an open and affirming foster care organization and values all our foster families for the love and care they provide for children. We stand in opposition to discrimination of any kind—especially discrimination that prevents prospective foster parents, including LGBTQ people, single parents, or those who practice a faith other than Christianity, from caring

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Trey and Jen’s Fostering Experience

We sat down with two Amara staff who are also proud Foster Parents and part of the LGBTQ+ community. They talk about their experiences as foster parents, Amara’s participation in the 2018 Pride Parade, and advice for people in the LGBTQ+  community interested in becoming foster parents.