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Connection Can Bring Healing

Sometimes difficult childhoods can drive people to become change-makers as adults. For Devon, that has meant fostering nearly two dozen kids with her husband James over the last several years. Together they have cared for infants, young children, school-age kids, tweens and teens. Through it all, they’ve provided support, guidance, and plenty of love.

Amara has been honored to walk alongside Devon and James as they themselves have walked alongside families working hard to reunite with their kids. They are grateful for their time with every child they have fostered, and are especially grateful when they have the opportunity to stay connected with the kids who have returned home. For one family, the relationship they built with Devon and James remains strong two years after reunification.

Michaela’s daughters were placed with Devon and James during a really difficult point in her life. Having an ongoing, supportive relationship with Devon and James has been blessing, according to Michaela, who worked tirelessly to get her kids back home. Years after the girls went back with Michaela, this unique, extended family still sees each other. “They’re present – they’re not gone. And I think that’s amazing. I met these great people, and they didn’t walk out of my life,” said Michaela.

The girls have benefitted too, as they have grown to love Devon and James, as well as their four sweet dogs, who greeted them recently at the door with plenty of wagging tails and cuddles. Seeing the group all together – three adults, three kids, and four good pups – is like seeing a happy, extended family.

This is the power of relationships, and the power of families. Amara believes in, and helps strengthen, both.


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