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You love your kids and your kids love you.

Most kids go back home to their parents after being in foster care. Until then, we want to help make sure your kids feel safe and supported. Our job is to make sure you have good visits with your child and that your child has safe and caring adults taking care of them while in foster care. 

If you and your family need free resources, check out our list to find what you need.

If your family needs food, clothing, baby necessities or other essentials, visit our Family Resource Center in Tacoma
If you live in the Aberdeen or Spokane areas and have been referred by the state to our Parent FOCUS (Family Outreach, Connections, and Unconditional Support) program for personalized support, encouragement, and connections to resources, click here.

Family Connections: Yuvia's Story

By the time Yuvia came to stay with Yvette she had already been in multiple foster homes. But this was different. Yuvia’s mother, Dezaray, and foster parent Yvette developed a support system with and for each other in order to be there for Yuvia. Like Yuvia says, “When we’re all here together, I think: family, family, family is HERE.” Watch their challenging, beautiful, inspiring story.

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Family Connections

Having a relationship with your child’s foster parent(s) can help make foster care a little less scary for you and your child. Through this program, you will get the opportunity to meet the individual or couple caring for your child, tell them how your child can be supported, and build a relationship of mutual respect and support.

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Family Time Visitation

It’s important for you to stay connected with your child(ren) and keep your relationship strong. Our Family Time Visit Specialists help create a fun and supportive environment for you to spend time with your child(ren). They sometimes transport children to/from the visit with you and provide an objective summary of the visit for the social worker so they can get a sense of how things are going. Their priority is keeping your child safe and ensuring you are respected and supported on your path to reunification.

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Pierce County Early Childhood Court

Amara partners with Pierce County Juvenile Court to make sure babies 0-3 years old are healthy and stay connected to you while in foster care. Early Childhood Court provides regular community team meetings, makes sure you have the same judge and social worker for all hearings, and meets more frequently.

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Parent Allies

The Washington State Parent Ally Committee (WSPAC) is a group of parent allies who have successfully gone through the child welfare system and work together to make things better for families. WSPAC fights to keep families together through public policy and leading trainings at organizations across the state.

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Reimagining Child Welfare in Pierce County

In 2018, Amara purchased 29 acres in Pierce County seeing it as a key moment to build something for – and with – children and families who are at risk of experiencing foster care, not just once they’re a part of the child welfare system but to support their wellbeing and prevent separation.

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Our Approach

We seek to fill the gaps in the child welfare system by developing and providing innovative, trauma-informed programs and services for children in foster care, adoptees, and the constellation of families surrounding them, as well as driving systemic change to transform child welfare into lifelong wellbeing for children, adults, and families.

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