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Visiting Amara’s Family Resource Center Leads to a Cascade of Positive Support

Thanks to the support of our compassionate community, Amara’s Family Resource Center (FRC) in Tacoma has been open and serving families for over a year. One family, who recently arrived in the United States, was having an especially hard time finding resources because they spoke no English.

They didn’t have a place to live or know where or how to register their oldest child for school.

When a new friend referred them to our FRC, our staff learned about their journey to the U.S. and what the family needed using an app-based Spanish translator. We helped the family find food, stable housing, health insurance, and register their child for school. Our super-helpful FRC staff also helped them find a car and even accompanied them to get a driver’s license. When families have what they need, the chance that they will be mistakenly reported to Child Protective Services is reduced.

Families who do not speak English are often at a disadvantage in communicating with CPS staff and explaining that poverty, not neglect, is the root cause of a CPS referral. Being able to drive children to doctor’s appointments, transport adults to work, and do so while licensed to drive, protects families from medical, financial, and legal crises. All these prevention measures can be protective for families when it comes to interactions with the myriad of mandated reporters families frequently encounter.

Amara’s generous supporters also made sure this family, and many others, had gifts for the holidays as well. And now, this family has brought other families to our FRC for support. It’s common for a family’s first visit to Amara’s FRC to lead to continued support and a cascade of positive impact on the whole family. We’re honored to see families thrive.

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